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The Sherman Brady Brick Yard supplied the bricks for the Rice University Admin Bldg.

June 4th, 2013 1 comment

Rice University


Letters from Cram to President Lovett became quite positive after
the resolved crisis late in March 1910. This followed a request from
Lovett that must have caused some final anxious moments. He wanted
copies of all six earlier versions of the general plan. Fortunately, the
copies were returned promptly by Lovett, with only minor changes
noted. Watkin started almost immediately on a large “presentation
drawing.” Cram wrote that he “. . . [took] no exception whatsoever
to [your] final ideas regarding development of the General Plan ….
working plans for the Administration Building are developing admi-
rably …. Mr. Watkin [is busy with] a tracing showing precisely how
the whole thing works out.” And there was further good news: Frank
Ferguson, in Houston for some on-site studies and a survey of the
possible availability of construction materials in the city or area, had
discovered a “distinctly promising, quite pink” local brick at the
Sherman Brady Brickyard.




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