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Jeana – Letter to Father Aspiazu

October 11th, 2015

Jeana created may religious works. The following is a draft of a 1954 letter Jeana wrote to Father Jose Maria Azpiazu, pastor of the parish of St. John the Baptist in San Juan, Texas. I’ve paced a link at the bottom of the letter. Click on it to learn the history of the church.

Note that this is a draft letter only. I haven’t found a copy of the actual letter as yet. The letter is a small window into who Jeana was as an artist.



Dear Father Aspiazu,

Yesterday, Mr. Hamilton Brown, Houston architect called me, that he had heard that you were building a church in San Juan, and would be needing some murals.

I would like very much to apply for the job, as I have begun doing sketches for just such a thing for the past two years. Many of which I can send you in photographs. Or I can come down and talk to you and bring the sketches with me.

I have painted for twenty years and have had experience as a teacher in several art colonies.

I can do casein, oil, or paint directly on plaster – or work in plastic which is fairly new and very beautiful. I would like so much to do thes and would charge you minimum because it’s for the church.

My references are Mr. Hamilton Brown 2017 W. Gray(acting Pres. of Allied Arts in Houston), Mr. Paul Elliott – architect and designer in the Contemporary Art Museum of Houston.

[Eugenia Hunt]
Click her to read about the church at San Juan

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