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The Howards and Episcopal churches in Texas

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The Howards and St James Episcopal Church in La Grange Texas

The Howards and St James Episcopal Church in La Grange Texas

Uncle Philo Howard sent me this card on 12-28-1989. He and Aunt Mary were living in La Grange then. Jeana lived in her condo overlooking Barton Creek in Austin. Uncle Philo wrote,

Dear Sperry,

The church on this card once had a rector named Horatio Howard and he was your great-great grandfather. We went to the 100th anniversary Celebration of the episcopal church in Eagle Lake and found out that he started the church and was the first rector.

Thanks for the Christmas card, give Spring our love.

You mother has had a lot of visitors since Thanksgiving and she seem to be doing better.

Philo and Mary

Here is Horatio’s house in Palestine, by the way. The map on the right is wrong. Palestine is in East Texas.,_Texas%29

You can read about Horatio and the Columbus church here:

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Descendants of Sarah Catherine Sperry

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Sarah Catherine Sperry at 18 in Winchester, VA 1861

Sarah Catherine Sperry at 18 in Winchester, VA 1861

Clicking the link just above the photograph below accesses a PDF document that traces the descendants of Sarah Catherine Sperry Hunt. Many thanks to her great-great grandson Malcolm McCorquodale of Houston for preparing the document, and for maintaining the digital family archive from which it derived.

Our cousin John Barada will visit Winchester soon.

Sperry Hunt 5/11/2016


List of Kate Sperry’s Descendants


Marianna and Kate Sperry

The Sperry Sisters in 1853. Young Marianna and Kate (right), who was 10.


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Biographical information on the Hunts, the Garrows and the Bradys

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John and Marie Etta Garrow House


Clicking on the link below will download a Landmark Designation Report from the City of Houston onto your computer. The report is about the John and Marie Etta Garrow House. It contains some very good biographical information about the Hunt/Garrow/Brady side of our family. It also mentions Pierre Schlumberger as well.

The John and Marie Etta Garrow House

Sperry Hunt 5/7/2016