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Happy Birthday to the judge

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Judge 1903 Baptism Certificate 3

This is the judge’s Certificate of Baptism from September 6, 1903 at the tender age of twelve days. Below he is forty years later in his prime. He was every-inch a good man, father and judge. I miss him, as we all do. Happy Birthday, Dad.



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John Howard, Matilda Thomas Howard’s husband rests now in Prospect Park in Brooklyn

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Friends Cemetary in Prospect Park

Note: John Howard, Matilda Thomas Howard’s husband, is not listed among the dead at Prospect Park, but his body should have been moved there. The alternative is that his remains (God forbid) are beneath Whole Foods on Houston Street.
Sperry Hunt

The following is from a Huffington Post article referenced at the bottom of this page.

[The first Quaker burial site was] Liberty Place (at Maiden Lane)
Late 17th century -1820s
This burial ground served New York’s first Quaker congregation and is sometimes referred to as the Little Green Street Burial Ground of the Society of Friends (Liberty Place, a tiny alley today, was once known as Little Green Street). Its location is near the New York Federal Reserve.

In the 1820s, the Quakers sold this property, exhumed their dead, and moved to the new Houston Street Burial Ground (105-107 East Houston Street) [This would be where John Howard was buried in 1826.]
Approx. 1820s-1848
This remained the principal cemetery for Quakers in New York during a period of incredible prosperity for New York City, thanks to the opening of Erie Canal and the planned formation of streets and avenue from the Commissioner’s Plan of 1811.

In 1848, the bodies were moved again to a private cemetery, where they remain today, located in today’s Prospect Park.

1.Matilda Thomas Howard’s diary in which she states that his funeral was “My husband’s remains were respectably attended to the Friend’s Burying ground in New York, North America in the year 1826 11th mo.  Nancy Harris, of the Utica, NY Howads transcribed the diary.

2. “Manhattan’s Forgotten Graveyards,, Under Public Parks, Famous Hotels and Supermarkets: