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Ryland’s Account of Being Treated by Grandfather: Dr. Alfred Philo Howard

October 24th, 2014 Comments off

Ryland And Ford XMas 1963DrPhiloHoward

So, back to the beginning of these threads.

As the kid from the country, even I had my share.

Yes, I did go on calls in Dal’s old black Ford, or so it looked. Recall a Sunday afternoon going into a warm, unairconditioned modest home with an old man in a sleeveless T shirt who looked very emaciated. Whatever was needed was done; Dal with his black doctor bag. We saw others that day.

I volunteered to wash dishes at an early age at 3608 Audubon one afternoon. Determined that the piano stool was a suitable place to raise my small stature up to the sink. So, ever stood up on a rotating piano stool? Not a stable platform, especially when turning around to talk to people. Off I went and off I went to Dal’s office for broken forearm repairs, setting, and cast. Do remember that clearly. No blood and gore, though.

Regards to all the saved patients, serious, and lightly injured. Amazing. Most of us were under his care.

Cousin Ryland

[The photo on left is of Ryland and his dad, Ford Boulware, Christmas, 1963, as inscribed above by Eugenia Howard Hunt.]