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1954 – Jeana composes a letter to Grainger

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Alpine, TX; Early circa 1954

The following is a draft of a letter to Grainger, who is fourteen and at Moye Miltary Academy which he recently said was, “run by nuns.” I doubted that, but turns out to be true!!!  ( ). Actually Jeana and Judge were taking their girls to California and leaving their boys behind. I was left (happily) with the Lockharts in Alpine. Mrs. Gard ran a wonderful day care that had a rusty old jalopy to play in as I recall.)

We had a modest summer house on a hill facing the sunset in Alpine. Jeana called it the Gate to Heaven because of the view, and because it was behind the houses of people named the Crosses and the Sohls (lovely people, by the way).

The journal entry ends with a working sketch noting colors she will use to paint the California hills.


Dearest Grainger,

Well – we finally left this morning – as I fell apart and had to stay in bed yesterday.

We left Irene and Mrs. Sanchos1 at the studio cleaning up for our tenant – Mrs. Sanchos is taking Amigo even after knowing what he did last night. He chewed up Lalu’s good black shoes and her brand new blue hat, and the poor thing wept.

Sperry was furious because my being sick delayed his going to Mrs. Gard’s an extra day.

Finally we got off – Mrs. Lockhart lent me her movie camera. We are going to take a film of the trip – and then if they turn out good we’ll show you when we get home.

Down the road and right out of Van Horn with Lalu at the wheel and blow out. The tire was in complete ribbons. Robin and Lalu changed it in about 15 miinutes and on to Van Horn where we had to buy a new tire. Now Robin is at the wheel.

Next day

Well we spent last nite in the La Fonda in El Paso. You remember it used be a motel. Well they added another group of rooms around a patio and a swimming pool and a beautiful dining room. We enjoyed it so much.

Then we left about eight this morning with me driving. About 50 miles from El Paso the car began to giggle and I drove into a station, and lo and behold another puncture. Well we got that fixed and on.

We have been in Texas today, New Mexico and Arizona. We are now nearing Phoenix, Arizona. We stopped at a wonderful place and saw some gorgeous rocks. We could hardly get Lalu out – there were 1000’s of rocks and she wanted to see them all – and found out about them all.

Friday Morn –

Here we are in Phoenix – I think it is the land of motels – hundreds upon hundreds

Another tire down – so we have decided to buy extras, and now they are being put on and Robin and I walk down the streed and find a metal dog – painted about four feet high. So we confer with the furniture store owner and find the enormous fellow was made in France 100 years ago. He’s been in this country 60 years. So we went back and told Daddy we had purchased an antique dog – and we were going to load it on. Poor Daddy’s had so many surprises, I think he believed it.

[New Topic]

Cal. Fall

For gold mountains – under-painting with raw umber and whit. When dry use white brush and brush on Mars yellow for grass. The undulating shapes are almost done across half a side ridge sometimes grew black. Oaks leaning into the wind.

1954 Sketch of California Hill in the fall to be painted by Jeana

1954 Sketch of California Hill in the fall to be painted by Jeana

Robin Howard Hunt – Duchess of Houston

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Robin Howard Hunt Duchess of Houston

A note about Robin from Jennie Kiesling

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Yes, I feel cheated of the chance to make cakes!   That traditional started the year after Uncle Malcolm died.  I wanted to bring some light into Robin’s life, but over the years those parties at her house probably did even more for me.  When they ended, it seemed to me that Robin had become happy enough in her own life that she no longer needed the annual visitation.  Although I missed the parties, it was great to know that Robin was thriving–as she did right up to the end.  Indeed, Happy Birthday, Aunt Robin!

From Robin’s cousin, Mary Mize Hellums

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I say a Hardy Amen to Andrew’s comment about Robin. Every time with her was a blessing.

Happy Birthday from Andy Wilhoit

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Thinking about it, every time I was around Robin, it was a celebration.  So why stop now.  Happy Birthday Robin, you were the best.  And Happy Birthday Bill, I’m glad I know you.

A lovely rememberance of Robin from Susan Green

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So many of us at BBVA Compass who know Bill and Robin, remember seeing them walking hand-in-hand every morning near our office in the River Oaks area of Houston.  It was evident to all of us how very happy and in love they were.  They always brought a smile to our faces.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, your family, Bill and his family at this time.

Susan Green

Robin Hunt and Jean Garwood in Alpine, TX

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Robin and her lifelong friend Jean Garwood by the ocotillo at the house in Alpine, Texas my mother Eugenia called her “The Gate to Heaven.” I can’t count the times Robin and I returned to Robin’s house to find a sweet, fresh message from Jean, another measure of Robin’s loyalty and what a good judge of character she was. I was pleased to see Jean at Robin’s service unchanged by time and her devotion to her childhood friend.

A message from Maureen in Seattle about Robin

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Dear Sperry,
I so enjoyed Robin and her irrepressibly sense of humor, was delighted that herself and had a wonderful few years in which they both wrote and shared poetry.
I have fond memories of our visit in Seattle with Robin, Amy and Bill, and the time awe spent at my home, at that time on Mercer Island and really feel a huge loss at the passing of your lovely sister.

A sweet note about Robin from Dorothy Guest

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I’m Dorothy,  Bill’s  sister. The first time that I met Robin was at Bill’s house . She was sitting on the piano stool with my sister Nancy. I thought that she had the most beautiful voice. Each time there after when we had the pleasure of seeing her, WE GOT TO HEAR HER SING.  I loved Robin, and also her voice. I will miss her.

In sadness,

A memory from Emory

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[A thoughtful recollection from Emory R. Guest written to Robin’s brother Sperry]

I am Uncle Bill’s second son (if he had one).  I enjoyed having lunch at their house every Friday for a year or two.  Most of the time Robin would be able to join us.  I really enjoyed helping her set the table or bring out drinks to the patio table.  But most of all, cloth napkins.  She wouldn’t settle for anything less even though it was just a sandwich whipped up in the kitchen with spare items, often a fried Reuben sandwich.  She had my napkin and napkin ring assigned to me to use each time I came over.

The reason I enjoyed helping her in any way I could is because she made me feel loved, comfortable and welcome from the first moment I met her.  She always greeted me with a big smile and kiss which I returned with pleasure.  I truly felt like she was my companion as much as Uncle Bill’s during our Friday lunches.  If I had to come up with one thing negative to say about her to save my life, I would just start praying for mercy because I would be on my way to meet the Lord.   But what was up with that art she hung on the walls?  It sure made for some interesting conversations when I brought my two young sons over for family gatherings.

I love your sister and am sad that I didn’t get to have more time to enjoy her.  Another reason to look forward to eternity in Heaven I suppose.

With love,