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A memory of Wilmer and Eugenia Hunt from Heather

August 26th, 2014

This is from an iPhone email to me from our beloved cousin Heather Wren Welder. Thank you, Heather.

In Aug 1963, after graduating from UT, my Dad [Clark Wren] MADE me go to Houston and get a job. Before my interview with HISD, Georgia [Jeana’s sister], my Mother [Phyllis Wren] & myself had lunch and ran into Wilmer. When told that I was applying for a job & was not very excited about going to work, wonderful Wilmer pulled me aside, said, ” don’t you worry your pretty little head, if this interview doesn’t work out, I will get you a job and you will be just fine”. I went to interview knowing that it didn’t matter, Wilmer would take care of me! I got the job on my own and Wilmer & Eugenia were so proud of me. Your grandfather Philo [Dr. Alfred Philo Howard], died that next week and I had to explain to my principal why I was so sad & needed a sub for the funeral, that very first week of school( I think that was the first time I realized how strange my relationship with all of you really is :):);)! About 3 weeks later, Wilmer called and he & Eugenia took me to dinner at the Forest Club so that they could hear all about my new job! Little wonder that I loved them both dearly !!! Heather

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